Reap returns from Server Hardening

Red hat server hardening training course will teach you about the managing and tracking the security updates and how it is created. You will also able to learn about the management of the software updates and its verifications properties.  Red hat server hardening training programme includes creating and managing file system using the system encryption, manages special permission, additional file access controls and monitoring file system changes and you also learn about the configuration of system logging and auditing. In this course, you will learn many things such as tracking security, managing software, creating file system, managing file system, managing special permission, managing additional file and monitoring for the file system changes, managing users accounts.

It helps to understand how red hat enterprise Linux produces updates and makes use of them to perform a series of queries simply to identify what details are available and then, develops a procedure for applying the necessary updates to system, including verifying properties and allocate an advance file system layout. Security related options adjusted via file system properties, with work set user id, locate files with permission enabled and set group id. Red hat server hardening training will help in modifying default permission applied to directories and files and configuring software in order to monitor files on your machines for the changes.

redhat server hardening

It will involve adjusting properties for various console services to enable or to disable settings based on security. It will also configure and install red hat identity management client and server and configure red hat identity management rules in order to take control of the users’ access to system and there will be an additional privilege given to the users for those systems. You can do all this, when you take this course; does it not make you join, as soon as possible? server hardening training will involve many security policies and standard requirements, all system integrity etc. server hardening training provides you strategy for addressing specific policy and configuration concerns. It will need technical guidance on enhancing the security of the red hat enterprise Linux system. It will also be responsible for the implementing security policy requirement and it must be able to demonstrate that system to meet the security policy requirement and also maintain to continue to security requirement, including management of security of operating system or software updates.

Red Hat Linux Certification

Red Hat enterprise Linux has a good user domain in the software industry and thus, it is important that a few professionals, who learn the skills, be system administrators. However, Linux is a slightly more complicated operating system than Windows to master and it takes more time and efforts to actually fully comprehend the scale of work which can be done using a Linux operating system. The administrators are a commodity in demand, as the Red Hat certification proves that you have the knowledge required to be a system administrator.

Techgrills is a training academy which is committed to help its students be specialized and updated in Red Hat Certification. The courses offered by Techgrills have a proven record in providing thousands of jobs in Consulting, training and in the IT sector as well. The training courses offered by Techgrills training academy takes a more practical approach to teaching than the usual theoretical approach. These programs are unbiased in the knowledge and skills they provide, the courses help anyone without prior knowledge of Linux to become a system administrator in both the fields of operating system and applications as well. Techgrills believes that understanding only the software or just the hardware cannot completely be beneficial for you and thus, all the Red Hat certification courses are integrated with troubleshooting of both hardware and software issues. Thus, you will be fully prepared in your new job to work up to the expectations of your bosses.

Red Hat training_techgrills

The Red Hat certification courses offered at Techgrills training academy include RHCSA, Red Hat server Hardening, RHCE, RHCA, and RHCDS. The course is designed for all students and for all professionals who do not have any prior knowledge of the Red Hat Linux operating systems. These courses provide the basic knowledge required to work on simple programs on the Linux operating system. The program teaches you the simple command lines and also helps you with the installation and also configuration of various software and services.

The Course also teaches the students to create and manage users and groups, secure and manage files, access the Linux files, set up network connections and also establish firewall access. The RHCE course is one of the most accepted and reputed IT certification course and thus, there is an obvious added advantage, by pursuing this course. However, one must remember the RHCE course is only for users who have already worked as system administrators and are in fact veterans of the operating system administration. The courses primarily focus on the large scale deployment and management of network servers working on DNS, Apache HTTPD, MariaDB, Network file system, SMTP null clients etc. The linux administrative training courses also specializes in advanced training in firewall and networking configurations. The courses also provide you with the basics in Bash Shell scripting and also teach you about its uses in configuration, automation and troubleshooting of the system. Whatever maybe your choice, The Red Hat certification is highly reputed and it would be a boon to your career.

RHCE Certification Training Course

The Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) training course offered by Techgrills teaches everything about system administration and configuration. The IT certification program is designed for those who have already undergone the course. Candidates who have knowledge about relevant skills can opt for this training course. This course helps the candidate to build on their current level of knowledge.

Let us view the outline of the course designed by Techgrills:

  • Command on services and daemons: this includes the review on managing services and boot-up process.
  • Managing IPv6 networking: this includes configuration and trouble-shooting of basic IPv6 networking on Red Hat Enterprises Linux system
  • Configuring link aggregation and bridging: this includes configuration and trouble-shooting of advanced network interface functionality which includes teaming, bonding and bridging local software.
  • Managing DNS server: this sets and verifies DNS records for systems and help in configuring secure DNS caching.
  • Configuring email delivery: this relays all emails sent to SMTP gateway for main delivery
  • Provision of block-based and file-based storage
  • Provision of Apache HTTPD web services
  • Configuring MariaDB database which provides MariaDB SQL database for usage by administrators
  • Writing Bash scripts and using Bash conditionals along with other controlling structure for more sophisticated commands
  • Configuring the shell environment by customising Bash start-up
  • Comprehensive review by practising and demonstrating knowledge gained in Red Hat System administration courses.


RHCE training course is perfect for those who want to improve their skills significantly in Linux. The course focuses on deploying and managing network servers which are running caching DNS, MariaDB and Apache HTTPD along with network sharing with NFS i.e. Network file system and SMB i.e. Server message block. The course also includes advanced networking and firewall configuration and use of Bash scripts. With the help of well prepared lectures and notes along with practical experience of theory, a candidate can gain competencies covered by RHCE exam after enrolling to this training program.

rhce training course

A candidate who wishes to enrol to RHCE training course is required to have RHCSA certification or equivalent certification as a prerequisite. However, those who have not obtained the certification may confirm their skills and knowledge by opting for the online assessment.

After Red Hat Certified Engineer, the candidate is recommended other exams or courses which the candidate can take up, if he dreams of soaring the sky! The courses are very useful in life and will not only give him a great job, but will also earn him a lot of respect!

Get the much Needed Edge with JBoss Application Administration Course

The world of Information and Technology, or IT, which is a booming sector, is a dynamic warfare where every minute some new product or technology is unleashed. Each warrior has some or the other tool or strategy to combat the opponent and walk on the winning streak. If you too desire to emerge as a winner and a pro in this ever changing field, then get the advantage of JBoss Application Administration course.

Techgrills, a global IT consultancy and services company has designed JBoss Application Administration and Jboss enterprise training modules for those looking to excel in operating Linux System. The comprehensive course aims to equip aspirants with installation, configuration and management of Red Hat JBoss Enterprise application platform. The course is imparted via theoretical and practical sessions with students given a platform to implement the knowledge gained in classroom teaching.

Red hat jboss training

Students or professionals will be given a complete overview on configuration and fine tuning JBoss servers. The broader aspects covered by the course includes deployment, production, installation and issues relating to deployment. It also throws light on monitoring, securing services and tuning. On specific levels, the incumbents will be trained in implementing application security and techniques in migrating JBoss Enterprise version to the advanced version. There is also an introductory session on clustering.

The course will provide training in following areas:

  • Aims to give an overview of JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6, acquaint students with terminology, installation and running the application along with various important concepts.
  • A complete understanding on configuring the platform in standalone mode, directory structure as well as nitty-gritty’s of standalone server.
  • The course will also cover configuration of datasource subsystem, Java Message Service (JMS), HornetQ, logging subsystem and web subsystem.
  • Learn the finer aspects of implementing application security. It throws light on migrating from platform 5 to 6 without any technical glitches.

After completing the JBoss Application Administration course, the student is prepared to take the Red Hat Certified JBoss Administration (RHCJA) exam. The strong foundation laid by the course will help in clearing the next stage smoothly.


The prerequisite for taking this course is that one needs a basic experience with system administration on Microsoft Windows, UNIX, or Linux operating systems. Complete understanding of hardware and networking is required. One does not need to have any previous knowledge of Java, scripting, or JBoss Developer Studio.

Increase Efficiency with Clustering and Storage Management

Storage management helps you protect the information and work of various subsystems in an office effectively. You cannot have multiple workstations working efficiently without proper clustering and storage management training, and the Clustering and Storage Management (RH436) course offered by techgrills training academy educates you in this right.
Server clusters are used to create SQL server database which helps the users to share common data in a single central system. This immensely helps in case of a server failure, as there is always a replacement to take over. Clustering can be achieved in many ways such as shared disk, shared noting techniques, and Mirrored disks. You can also build and implement a GFS2 file system and configure multipathing.
There are a few noteworthy details of the course which need to be mentioned here.
i.The course will educate you in the very basics of clusters and storage management training.

ii. The training will help you implement and configure an iSCSI, which stands for Internet Small Computer System Interface.

iii. The course helps you understand the importance and multipathing, and the various techniques to set up multiple paths to SAN devices.

iv. Training will improve your Understanding and design of Quorum and fencing.

v. The course will educate you in rgmanager

vi. Learn the component technologies and architecture in the Red Hat® High Availability Add-On in the course.

vii. The training will teach you LVM commands and clustered LVM.

viii. The system management training will help you set up a Global File System 2, and also educate you in the usage of tools to configure, create, update, and troubleshoot a GFS 2 system.


ix. The Red Hat Clustering training will teach you the various features of the XFS file system and also about the tools required for maintaining, creating, and troubleshooting it.

The course in easy and simple to learn, provided that you are a senior level user or an advanced user of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating system! You need to either complete a RHCE course, attempt the online skills assessment to fully comprehend the course. An expertise of senior level is highly encouraged for opting for this course. The Clustering and Storage management course offered by Techgrills training academy will help you master the above mentioned skills and also a few others, along the way. The training is designed into an intensive 4 day course which will help you understand the topics covered using integrated lab training. It is a convenient way of delivering knowledge like classroom teaching, online lectures or website, adding ease to the training course. The course is drafted for senior administrators who are responsible for maximum resiliency through clustering services and who are using fault tolerant shared storage technologies.

Red Hat Jboss Administration Training Certification Center

The Jboss application Administration courses will offer you multiple utility packages, which help you understand the application better, and in some cases help you have a smoother transition from the previous Jboss platforms. The course offered by Techgrill training academy teaches you about the installation, management and also the configuration of the Red Hat Jboss Enterprise application platform through a more practical approach. The Jboss Application administration course will teach you about configuring of the Jboss server with a comprehensive practical approach, the course also teaches you nifty tricks to fine tune a Jboss server further to your liking. There is no point in only teaching about installing and working on a software alone, one must be efficient in the art of troubleshooting a software as well, and at Techgrills this fact was kept in while designing the course. The course will also help people who have worked on the previous platforms Jboss to transition into the latest platform smoothly. The course also offers a few basic points and tips on clustering as well.


It always pays off to discuss a few salient features of the Jboss Application Administration course offered by Techgrills.

  1. The course starts by teaching you the most basic concepts and terminology of the JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6.
  2. Only after you have understood the details and terminology would you learn about the installation and running of the Jboss application platform.
  • Understand and work on the different modes of operation of the Jboss application Platform. You will learn to work in standalone mode, and also in domain mode where you will learn to set up a domain and work with multiple host controllers.
  1. The next step in the course is to teach you how to configure systems in order to work with server groups. You will be taught on how to add more servers to a server group, and also about how you can deploy an application to a pre-existing server group.
  2. It is important that you learn command line interface, and the course understand that importance well.
  3. Understand the various subsystems and also learn how to configure them in this course. You will work on understanding and configuring the data source subsystem, the logging subsystem, the messaging subsystem, and the security subsystem, and the web subsystem.
  • The JVM configurations for both domain and standalone modes will be further taught in the course practically of course.


The course is only for senior level system administrators in windows, Linux, or Unix operating system.

The Irony of Anti-Net Neutrality

The whole point of the internet was to offer people freedom and convenience. There might be some websites which a government can deem anti-national. Some people might argue that these governments are at fault and it is obviously their right to question such decisions as they have that control over their very own government. However, you cannot expect a third party money making machine to offer any kind of restrictions on the citizens of any country. Any company which works has to run with customer satisfaction in their minds, if profits become their motive, then it is time that the government of a country must take a few steps to ensure the rights and interests of its citizens are protected. However, in the case of net neutrality this is definitely not the case.

Some telecom giants want us to believe that they are at a loss because of the various technological advances in the world. Their argument is quite illogical too. It is not our fault as a consumer if the telecom companies were not competent enough, so it is simply illogical that we pay for their incompetence. It just simply doesn’t end there. We have all heard of the sale of spectrum, or bandwidth. The truth is that every country is allotted a fairly large amount of bandwidth for their operations, considering the fact that there is almost infinite amount bandwidth available.

The argument of the telecom giants is that with the increase in mobile applications such as WhatsApp, Viber and Skype, there is a decreased reliability on the usual or tradition phone call or messaging. This might be true, but it is nobody’s fault, especially not the consumers. The net neutrality works on the principle that companies are not allowed to charge prices based on the websites, but instead, prices should be based solely on the data used or the bandwidth used. It is fair to say that mobile phone operators are allowed to charge us for the internet they provide, as they buy the rights to establish a network at astonishing prices. But, it is also true that the rates for buying the bandwidths will fall year after year, no matter what the changes are. So, it is completely absurd to state the loss in profits be even used as an excuse to pass an anti-neutrality law.

The mobile phone operators have seen a windfall of profits in India in the last decade or so. So, the question I would really ask all of us is ‘Have we gained any personal profits at the expense of these companies?’ The answer is obviously no, so it is absurd that we are asked to compensate for their losses. The fact that the telecom companies are in losses is also absolutely absurd. Just like any other domain of business, there are companies which do well, there are a few which are in loss, and then there are a few which manage to break even. So, it is absolutely absurd to state this even as a reason to start a campaign against net neutrality. If the telecom companies get their way, they will be allowed to provide the websites, they signed deals with, for absolutely no charge, but they are allowed to charge any amount they desire on any other websites. This is our basic rights of choice being violated. So, it is time that we stand up against this movement which will benefit no one but the telecom giants. So, stand up for your basic rights of freedom and either lodge a complaint at, or you can directly be part of the movement at It is time that we stood up for what we believe is the right thing to do.

Get updated knowledge and proper Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Training

Techgrills offer Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Training and Certification courses, which provide you with the right and updated knowledge and training. Our courses are well structured and the trainers are experts, who will guide you perfectly. For all desktops and servers, the Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization is the only virtualization solution available. If you are working with Linux or Windows or other systems, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization training will provide you with the required help to create benchmarks of performance and scalability. It is highly available and is quite a powerful infrastructure, which helps you keep pace with the changing technology and helps you combat the future challenges of the IT world.


Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization offers open source solutions, which helps in acquiring independence from vendors. It also helps in achieving a stable environment and excellent performance for both Linux and Windows guests. Our Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization training not just helps you get rid of the vendors but also helps in having an edge over your competitors and their pricing strategies. It helps in achieving performance benchmarks and overpowers your competitors. It is a high quality solution, which gives you low cost of ownership and high returns on investment. It is the best solution for all traditional virtualization workloads and management in comparison to other solutions.


At Techgrills, we make sure we guide you and help you acquire skills and knowledge which is required to use appropriate techniques and features and make optimum use. We help you manage the virtual environment with ease of expertise and knowledge. Our training will help you understand the basics of these course and manage all its components effortlessly along with the configuration, creation, deployment and management of the virtual machines both on Linux servers and other Hypervisor nodes. Our Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Training and Certification courses are taught by experienced tutors and experts, who have managed such Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization features for real and have excelled in the field. Their knowledge and expertise will surely help you achieve your goals and further your career.


The course is perfect for all those system administrators who need to manage a large number of virtual servers and operating systems both in Linux and Windows through Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization. Our course is also tailored for those who need a certification to improve upon their career opportunities. Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Training Programme offered by Techgrills is tailored and customized according to our student’s needs and requirement. It covers the basics like configuration and installation of servers and desktops to its deployment, management and troubleshooting. Therefore, enroll and enhance your skills, as soon as you can.

Our hands-on training facilities are perfect for real time experiences and learning. Our lab facilities and infrastructure our best in the industry and we offer value for money for all our courses and training to our students. Right from planning to execution to its implementation, we cover everything that is to be covered for your growth and for the growth of your enterprise.

Get Efficient Knowledge and proper Training on Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization

Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization (RHCVA) seems to no more halt and is on its rise every single second. It is moving ahead and making a large and making a progressive development in the IT field and very smoothly allows just a sole server to take care and systematically run multiple desktop operating systems pr servers. Now this is something, which is the need for the day, which is why Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Training and Certification is the call for the day and all working professionals especially from the IT background or those who wish to pursue their career in this area. This is why students who are interested to proceed with the training program, must ensure that they get through to the right institution, which provides them with systematic and appropriate real time training sessions.

Virtualization image

With the help of this, much needed Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization certification, professionals will be able to get skilled and have a strong base and come with updated knowledge to manage and deal with diverse kinds of virtual solutions, as the need for it arises in any kind of setting. If you were attached to a data, centre or working as a system administrator, then it would be vital for you to be well versed and updated with the Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Training and Certification. There are several professionals who are working in the IT sector and are joining this training program so that they get their skills upgraded at the same time, they reach to a higher position, which is only possible through proper training programs.

Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization from Techgrills will definitely boost your confidence as we provide you with efficient knowledge and proper training classes, at the same time, students get to go through extensive hands-on training sessions. Students get the opportunity to investigate and be trained on subjects related to Red Hat Enterprise Linux and all kinds of issues, which arise under the platform of real time Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization. You can be rest assured as when you are trained at Techgrills, then during the Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Training and Certification students gain the talent, the right set of skills and very importantly learn the tactics and ways to supervise, manage, control and deploy virtual servers along with virtual desktops of an organization.

The Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization and Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Training and Certification course details include:

  • The background and general view about the need and role of RHEV and KVM
  • Timely and adeptly installing Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager
  • To efficiently configure and establish RHCVA hypervisors to which will help in maintaining Windows and Linux® users and assist them through RHCVA Manager
  • Configuring and formation of host clusters, data centers, and RHEV-M
  • Learning about the process to form clusters, templates, pools, data centers and many more things related to RHCVA Manager
  • Confidently carrying out crucial and fundamental management work such as bookmarking, logging, managing data etc.
  • Installing RHEV-H and upgrading it.
  • To create desktop pools together with import and export of virtual machines

Stabilize in cloud-computing ambiance through Red Hat OpenStack Administration Training

Red Hat OpenStack Administration has been such a bundle of help in the IT environment and it helps to compute together a good list of networking resources at the same time carry on with the task analytically, in an idyllically large infrastructure. If you still want to go for an OpenStack Training & Cloud Computing course then this is the time to make it happen as its demand is radically on the rise. This course, at Techgrills, thoroughly assists students to learn about the systematic ways and the procedures to work on and apply cloud-computing ambience through the help of Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform. They also get to learn and apply step-by-step configuration, installing and ways to preserve this setting for a long run.

openstack image

The Red Hat OpenStack Administration course at our company is much-appreciated, as we have so far been able to bestow adept Red Hat OpenStack Administration upon the IT community professionals and at the same time, prepare them thoroughly about ways to deal and appear in the Red Hat exam sessions. There is again no doubt about the wide number OpenStack Training & Cloud Computing company today; however, it is the student’s duty to ensure and get all the reviews about the training, they wish to be enrolled in for training.

At Techgrills, we follow the most updated course structure and most importantly, we make sure that students are made to understand and deal through real time work setting. This way, when they reach their place, for which they are being prepared, they will be able to deal with and resolve all the kinds of issues that arise, in the work atmosphere. This is the very reason why we claim to have batches of successful students who have had the chance to get trained by Red Hat professionals and expert trainers and we are known as one of the most stable and prominent OpenStack & Cloud Computing Training . We understand that your aim is to become a stable and skillful Red Hat OpenStack Administration professional and we have all the ability and finest of infrastructure to gear you up for the work setting you are aiming for and deal with real time work scenario.

At Techgrills, we take proper care and heed attention to every student, hold regular training sessions and ensure that every student does go through hands-on labs. At the same time, we also provide students with obsolete and fault-tolerant configurations, then gradually understand and learn about impending practices and systems linked to the OpenStack Training & Cloud Computing and Red Hat OpenStack Administration development community.  The course that we offer is perfect for system administrators, developers and project managers, technical personnel who work with Linux, IT professionals and system architects who are interested in arranging, devising, organizing and maintaining a cloud-computing platform. The prime aim at Techgrills is to help students get aptly trained, comprehend, learn and understand work setting related to OpenStack, and definitely apply it, in real time environment.

Training at TechGrills helps you to get through and understand more about OpenStack Foundation and how handy it is today. This way you also step ahead and get advantages of IT pros.