Boost Application development through Server Virtualization

So what is ‘Server Virtualization’?

In a simpler term, it is the partitioning of one physical server into several servers. These virtual servers, each of them, will be able to run through its own application and operating system, and help it perform like an individual server. For example, to complete development with the assistance of diverse operating systems on a single physical server or you can also consolidate servers that are at one point of time, used by several business divisions.

Today, there has come a completely new meaning to computing and businesses are moving track towards virtualization. TechGrills is a forefront in the arena and it offers to its client reliably strong and comprehensive virtualization services, all under one roof.

Apart from supporting custom hardware for enhanced backwards compatibility, we emphasize on virtualization. Your legacy servers will be ever supported by our systematic server virtualization support granting you with advantages of scaling at quite an affordable rate. Furthermore, our virtual machines provides you the opportunity to run new hardware and processors which might not work well on legacy operating systems such as Windows XP, Windows NT, 95, 98 etc.

Furthermore, with the assistance of virtual box, we enable you support for attached devices on serial port, parallel port and PCI based custom hardware. We ensure that our virtualization services would be feasibly compatible to your list of hardware like dongles, which many a times, are not supported by traditional ports and DOS applications.

Now ‘You’ can easily change your dedicated servers to Virtual Private Servers at Ease:

Today, Virtual Private Servers have gained a de facto standard of the new-hosted IT Infrastructure. At the same time, businesses are coming under pressure to bring an overall improvement in the bottom line. Today, IT operation forms a vital part to all kinds of businesses. From local area networks, internet-connected routers and to switches, most of the system components used today is essential for employees, so that they can feasibly work in a modern office setting. When businesses tend to run applications in infrastructures like web-hosted cloud, it rather gets quite complicated to manage everything easily.

This is the reason why, today, virtualization of servers has become quite an important position in probably every business today, especially the ones facing public networks. We help you to harness the power of one robust and dedicated server, which will be always available to your users and work in the form of a separate ‘virtual private server’. This system has been set in office environments, chiefly for desktop virtualization.


Today, in cloud infrastructure, it is quite easy to work with VPSs just like any other dedicated servers. We help you in creating public and private clouds with the assistance of our virtualization technology.

We have the skill and experience to meet all your server virtualization requirements. We will easily take care of all the processes together with the management and installation part. Just notify us of your requirements and we will come across with a reliable solution best suited for your site.