High Availability and Load Balancer

Get Steady and Build High Available Fault Tolerant Site:

When you are on the verge of building highly critical applications, portal and sites, with the chief aim to receive high-end traffic 24×7, you have to take care of the “High-Availability” section. We have the resources and team to provide you with appropriate solutions, suggesting you practices and solutions which will cater as per the needs of your website.At TechGrills Systems, we have efficiently deployed MySQL Cluster, Mail Server Cluster, Application Cluster, but we give you more reasons to trust us.

Why Us?

Provide you with “High-Availability” Fault Tolerant Sites:

We provide you with effectual load balancing services, which right from the ‘go’, boosting the performance level and availability of your site. This service can operate among your servers within the datacenter of TechGrills Systems or could also work resourcefully between geographically separated facilities.

Benefits Which Come With Load Balancing Service

We ensure that our load balancing services work faster and with utmost protection 24X7 to websites and other essential Intranet and Internet applications. This helps to significantly reduce overall response time and maximize availability of the site. We provide you with solutions, which support all kinds of Internet protocols by easily accommodating all kind of operating systems.

How The Load Balancer Works

Our load balancer is one service, which helps to determine, which exacting server in your network has the least load and thus automatically routes requests to that particular machine. It also smartly assigns requests, which helps your servers to work together, with optimum capacity. This way, work is systematically divided amongst your servers and none of your servers stay idle or others being overloaded.

You will notice that this helps to noticeably improve your sites reliability together, along with the response time. You will not need additional assistance from other web servers together with enhanced user experience. We have particularly designed it to be extremely scalable, thus helping the server to maintain consistent, high-speed performance whilst you keep adding servers to the system. This way, you will be easily building fault tolerant, highly available sites.

On-demand, scalable traffic management:

In the arena of online traffic, rapid spikes can be a great challenge to face even for the best of web applications and sites. For example, during an online sale event, even a brief power issue can end up costing you thousands of clients.

This is where we assist you with cloud load balancing solution which systematically helps you to manage workloads by evenly distributing online traffic across multiple resources and servers, on demand or automatically. This eventually helps our customers gain seamless experience and helps prevent overload.