About our Red Hat Linux Training Courses

We, at Techgrills are committed to provide updated and specialized Linux training. Our Red Hat courses provide career opportunity to thousands of people, interested in Training/Consulting and in the IT sector. Our training programs provide hands-on experience to the learner. These courses provide the basic skills and knowledge required for system administrators, in terms of both operating systems as well as applications. We also focus on the hardware and software troubleshooting and other important basic knowledge in an in-depth manner. Our Red Hat Courses are namely the RHCSA, RHCE, Red Hat Server Hardening, RHCDS and RHCA. The Red Hat Certified System Administrator or the RHCSA course is designed for all those IT professionals who do not have any previous knowledge of Linux. This course provides them with the basic knowledge about Red Hat Enterprise Linux and focuses on the core administration tasks. The RHCSA course comprises of the basics of command line along with installation and configuration of software and services.

It teaches about administrating users and groups, accessing Linux files, managing and securing files and establishing firewall access and network connections. The Red Hat Certified Engineer or RHCE course is one of the most respected IT certification course. It is designed for system administrators, who are experienced and veterans in the Linux system administration. RHCE course focuses on the deployment and management of network servers running on DNS, MariaDB, Apache HTTPD, SMTP nullclients, Network File System etc. It teaches about advanced networking and firewall configurations. It also gives the basics of Bash Shell scripting and its uses for automation, configuration and troubleshooting the system.

RHCSA1 (RH124)

This course relates to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7. Red Hat System Administration I (RH124) is designed for IT .

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RHCSA2 (RH134)

This version of the course relates to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7. This course is specifically.

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RHCE (RH254)

The Red Hat Certified Engineer course will teach you everything about system administration and its configuration. It is an IT certification program ..

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Server Hardening (RH413)

Red Hat Server Hardening course will teach you about managing and tracking security updates and how it is created by the Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

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Performance Tuning (RH442)

Red Hat® Enterprise Performance Tuning is designed to teach senior Linux system .

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Red Hat Virtualization (RH318)

Red Hat Certified Virtualization Administrator (RHCVA) course will focus on the deployment and management of virtualization infrastructure.

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Deployment and Systems Management (RH401)

We offer Training on Red Hat Enterprise Deployment and System Management which includes and means and methods required for large scale deployment .

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Clustering and Storage Management (RH436)

For the creation and availability of SQL Server database, server clusters are used which enables sharing of common data in a single system.

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JBoss Application Administration (JB248)

Learn all about installation, configuration and management of the Red Hat JBoss Enterprise application platform through hands-on experience.

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