Red Hat, Swift, Ceph are the new age storage solution

It is difficult to find and manage information in hardware-based storage system. Even accessing it at times is difficult as adding capacity disrupts the access mostly in the traditional systems. There is a limitation of storage capacity as well as chances of hardware failure. However,Red Hat Storage Server is an open source storage solution and it is software based. It is founded on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Gluster FS. It combines both file and object storage. It effectively stores and manages unstructured data, without compromising on scale or performance. Red Hat Storage server is cost effective and highly available storage system with scale-out architecture. It deploys same storage on premise as well as public or hybrid cloud.

OpenStack Swift is also known as OpenStack Object Storage system which is another open source object storage system. It is one of the best storage systems, which is suitable for backup and archive unstructured data like email, audio files, video files, images, documents etc. It is based on Cloud file technology. It runs on standard server hardware. Since objects and files are written on multiple drives, Swift Storagesoftware replicates it across using clustering. It replicates its data and content to new locations in cluster from its active nodes.

Ceph is another storage software platform which presents object, block and file storage from a single computer cluster. It runs on commodity hardware. It is a self healing and self managing storage software which helps in reducing the budget as well as administrator overheads. Data is replicated in Ceph storage system, which makes it, fault tolerant. Its main feature which makes it different from other storage software is that it has traditional file system interface with POSIX semantics. It offers unlimited storage to file systems virtually and stronger data safety for critical applications.