Enterprise Content Management

Make some sense out of structured and unstructured information with Enterprise content management

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Services

To effortlessly arrange, organize and manage documents and data, companies big and small rely on our ECM services which also includes seamless cloud and on-premise solutions.We manage all kinds of digital and paper content from creation, collaboration and processing together with retention and archiving solutions. We also offer you with services which help automate business-critical processes like accounts payable, contract management, resources (HR) on boarding, annual customer registrations, employee benefits management and mortgage processing.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and its KeyBenefits:

ECM and Portals:

At Techgrills, we utilize ECM practices, which offers our clients the benefit of platform competencies and domain centric approach, which helps to generate well-planned information management for the company.In today’s organizations, it is quite vital to manage huge number of contents and detailed information. There is no doubt that you will have to regard content as king today, if you are in need of competent operation and want to be above your contenders in the business. Since more than 80% of the company’s information asset comprises of unstructured information, on an average ECM today is regarded as the top four priorities in for quite a number of CIOs in today’s date.

Techgrill’s Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions chiefly lays focus on mapping customer-organization business objectives get closer to content management strategy. This will ensure the relevance of long-standing viewpoint for content management and at the same time, help our users to progress, in the leadership curve. We come with a complete enterprise vision and approach for ECM technologies, throughout the information cycle. We are highly driven by the utility computing approach. We move towards incorporating access layer for all kinds of for unstructured and structured data. We provide customers with a unique business approach and strategies which is driven by flexibility, scalability and transparency.