Messaging Solutions

Easy to Operate Messaging And Archival Solution

We ensure to provide you with easy to use, spam and virus free messaging solutions with not only standard IMAP/POP benefits, but at the same time, catering to a wide range of features which are presented by commercial-grade messaging systems. You can understand our features by going through and understanding the way, we work:

Collaboration suite: Apart from e-mails, we also bring for you additional collaboration benefits such as to-do tasks, calendar sharing facilities, notes and instant messaging services.

Consolidation and redundancy: We understand that every client comes with different set of needs, hence, we offer you solutions, based on your requirements. We provide you with high-availability clusters, which are backed with load balancers.

Search and archival competency: in case for any kind of compliance purpose, you require any kind of messaging or email facilities to be achieved, we move ahead and create additional archival solutions, which help to provide you with easy and reliable search facility, so that you can hunt down that ‘specific’ message, which you are in need of. We provide you with Feature-rich Webmail User Interface.

We work with flexibility this helping you set custom requirements: We ensure that we provide our clients with flexibility to tweak set up so that they can easily catch up with their future requirements.

Solutions we apply:

VMware Zimbra Collaboration Server is an easy to use platform for email and collaboration, which includes emails, documents, calendar and many more things. This is basically a Web-based application, which we deploy for on-premise private cloud or outsourced public cloud service. It is easily compatible with desktop email clients like Windows Outlook, Apple, Linux and Windows. Not only this, it can easily work on mobile device operating systems, such as android, iOS, BlackBerry and Windows mobile. This way, working for you gets easier, even on the go. This was one of the chief reasons why Zimbra Collaboration Server was intended, so that it could at one point of time, be able to handle a vast number of tools.


We also use Roundcube an IMAP email client that has been written on PHP programming language. It assists in the persuasive use of Ajax technology, so that it can have an easy and more convenient user interface.

We very well understand the fact that every business comes with different needs and we are ready to alter requirements, as per your needs. You can get in touch with us and discuss more on these services and we will help to customize our standard solutions, helping it meet your specified needs. Besides, we also plan up ways to seamlessly drift you from one set up to another and place you in a system, which is beneficial for your business.

If you do wish to increase your mailboxes at the same time, do not want to increase your cost unnecessarily, due to extra licenses, we also can help you frame solutions, which will readily address your needs.