Installation Services

Techgrills Systems do not believe in just installing the bare software,we believe in creating a long lasting platform for customers with the help of our experience and expertise. It happens more often where many time default installation do not work for a customer.We ensure the following steps before we start the process

  • Step1: Understanding of the Client’s Challenges.
  • Step2: Detailed audit of the environment is advised to understand the internals of your existing infrastructure and this will result in following benefits: - Suggestion on the Solutions. - Saving of Cost & Time - Decision to do a fresh installation or a performance tuning
  • Step3: Scope of work with customer
  • Step4: Showing a Proof of Concept (PoC) for a specific technology.
  • Step5: Execution

“Techgrills” specializes in Corporate/Classroom Trainings on Open Source/Linux Platforms,