OpenStack Deployment & Consulting

OpenStack for managing cloud computing platform

OpenStack is the software tool, which is used for building and managing cloud computing platforms for both public and private clouds. It is considered as the future of cloud computing. It is managed by the OpenStack foundation and backed by biggest companies in the software development field with thousands of individual members. It lets user deploy virtual machines for handling different tasks for the management of cloud environment. Horizontal scaling is made easy, which helps in tasks running concurrently and serves different users by just spinning up.

Since OpenStack software is open source software, it can be accessed by anyone and its source code can be easily changed or modified. The changes made can be easily shared and accessed by different users in the community. Since it is accessed by thousand of developers across the world, it benefits from them and has become the most secure and robust product.

Cloud is for providing computing solutions to its users in remote environment where actual software runs on reliable servers and not on each end user’s computer and it is referred as a service in which software, platform and infrastructure are all included. OpenStack is considered as infrastructure which makes it easy for other Cloud components to run properly as it adds new instances. Software applications can be created on the platform provided by OpenStack.

OpenStack has different moving parts or components, which keep increasing in number as different users add additional components, due to its open nature. It has nine significant components. Nova is the primary component as it is a fabric controller used for deployment and management of large virtual machines. Swift Storage system is one of its components and store information for OpenStack. Neutron is the networking component of OpenStack as it provides networking capability for communication between each deployment.