Open Source Support

Open Source Support:

Techgrills is an industry leader in providing exclusive and proficient Open Source Support. We provide you with round the clock independent consulting, support and services for implementation with efficient operations of open source software used for business applications.

We ensure proactive involvement with open source communities and stay updated about the changing trends to come across with the best of support services for our clients. We take care of all kinds of large scale and niche implementations. Our well-trained, qualified team of experts provides 24X7 open source support and can work actively as your single point of contact for your open source requirements.

We provide you with backing of professional service and technical expertise at quite an affordable price.

You can now take benefits of a flexible and fully customizable open source support service and we ensure that at all times, you can easily gain access to our team of system administrators, experts, our developers and consultants who work live on these projects practically, every time when they are logged in.

From the initial contact, we directly connect our customers to an expert, so that they get their issues resolved as soon as possible. Our useful open support program presents you with experienced rejoinders from seasoned professionals, ensuring no kind of language barrier, no amateurs and no scripts. Our Open Source Support Program assures organizations’ environments and consistency of institutions’; you get the best of it.

There are several Benefits of Techgrills Open Source Support program. They include:

  • On time Support for multiple releases of the software
  • 24 x 7 Support available through phone or Web
  • Guaranteed response times
  • Direct access to our experienced technical staff team
  • Numerous service levels and with a flotilla of support options to meet changeable needs
  • Minor, key, and significant severity prioritization of support issues
  • Support for multiple releases of the software